8 Best restaurants in Seville

Though Seville is most  know for its Tapas bars, the love for good food is always present. During the last 5-10 years  in Seville there has been a gastronomic revolution and gladly for us living in Seville new restaurants has been blooming.  With innovating techniques and  creating new delicious dishes from the old traditional recipes. Here we give you a selection of the best restaurants in Seville.

1. Maria Trifulca

This popular establishment has one of the most incredible views of the city. On the Guadalquivir and in front of all the essential monuments, it offers a delicate and first-class cuisine.  Address: Triana Bridge, corner with Plaza de Altozano.  Phone + 34 954 33 03 47

best restaurant seville


Its chef Antonio Bort has prepared a menu with typical dishes from the capital with 100% Sevillian products. The decoration is innovation with homing and charming atmosphere with many plants and spacious. Address: Prado de San Sebastián, 1. Phone + 34 955 54 71 27 .

ispal restaurant seville

3. Cañabota

Spectacular cuisine with show cooking. The Best restaurant in Seville on Sea food and fish. Raw material treated with care, and an indisputable protagonist Address: c / José Gestoso, 19. Phone: + 34 954 87 02 98

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4. La Azotea

It is a combination between a tapas bar and restaurant. It has excellent signature cuisine, high-end dishes and first-class products. They have different establishments in the following addresses: c / Conde de Barajas, 13 | c / Jesús del Gran Poder, 31 | c / Zaragoza, 5 | c / Mateos Gago, 8. Main office+ 34 955 116 748

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5. El Pinton

The decoration is traditional tiles in combination with the latest vibes in style. A beautiful Seville patio where food will not be the only protagonist. Converts into cocktail bar after dinner. They make some first-class cocktails. Address: c / Francos, 42. Phone: + 34 955 07 51 53

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6. Manolo Leon

This elegant restaurant opened in 1994 and are situated 5 min. from Seville down town. Offers a patio and garden dining, giving a unique romantic atmosphere. Even in the winter, it converts to a covered winter garden Their concept is a lovely dinner with shared dishes among friends. Address: c Juan Pablos,8. Phone + 34 955 07 51 53

7. Eslava

One of the best reviewed restaurant online in Seville. The decoration is all in a suprising blue It offers a street terrace and tapas on the bar and have tables for fine dine in the inner part of the restaurant. Situeated just infront of the Jesus Gran Poder Church. c/Eslava 3, +34 954906568

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8. Brunilda

Behind the great big blue door lie exposed brick walls, wooden floors, high ceilings, great food and bustle. The menu – constantly changing – is filled with fine examples of Seville’s new gastronomy wave. There are no reservations, so when it opens in the evenings, there’s usually a queue. C/Galera 5, +34 954220481

9. Abental

To define Abantal, one phrase is enough: signature cuisine, seasonal cuisine, good products and a traditional base. The principles of Andalusian gastronomy are valued with each service. Julio Fernández Quintero dares to bet on technique in a city whose gastronomic offer is classic. His ideas give an extra touch of flavor and creativity to the lively Seville neighborhood of Santa Justa. Address: Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7, y 9, 41003 Sevilla Phone: 954 54 00 00

abantal best restaurant

All  these charming Tapas Bars  located in Seville downtown  are unique and show a passion for Seville’s food traditions. bringing them from generation to generation.

Would you like to know more about  Seville history and food traditions,  feel free to sign up for our Best Tapas tour in Seville or any of our other food and Wine tours.

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